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Sustainable Gifts: 5 Marketplaces to Find Great Ones

Sustainable Gifts: 5 Marketplaces to Find Great Ones

The Holiday Season is coming! And you probably wonder...where can I find gifts that have a positive social impact and are sustainable, as well as unique?

Well, we've also been doing our research! Since family and friends are a reunion of different people and tastes,  sometimes it isn't easy to spot a green option for each individual.

The following list gathers a selection of marketplaces and stores to help you find sustainable gift options for everybody: cool and eco-friendly gifts, from furniture to kitchen decor and accessories or clothes to toys.

5 Marketplaces to find Sustainable Gifts

Zero-waste Store

Zero-waste store honors its name! It vows to keep all orders with plastic-free packaging. One thing that I love is they offer a shopping experience based on your core values. Click on organic, vegan, plastic-free, circular, or compostable, and you will find attractive options that fit your lifestyle.

Sustainable Gifts for Adventurous People: Bee Revival Kit available on Zero Waste Store.

A lovely gift for adventurous people: Bee Revival KitZero-Waste Store, $15.00


You can also browse the store based on your own or beloved ones' interests: adventurous, yoga practitioner, parent, chef, or pet-lover; if you are willing to organize your home or workplace more sustainably, you are in the right place. Treat yourself and navigate the Self-love section while being gentle to the environment.  You can also rely on sustainable gift cards ranging from $10 to $500 if you are undecided about what to gift.

Loop and Tie

Whether you are looking for personalized gifts for a friend, client, or employee, this is a platform that guarantees artisan-inspired collections. It offers presents ranging from $10 to $500 (taxes & shipment included), and your recipient chooses their gift from the collection you select. It's super user-friendly, both for gifters and recipients. 

Sustainable Gifts. Mini Desk Air Plants, available on Loop and Tie

Mini Desk Air Plants (Savannah of Savvie Studio). Available on Loop and Tie. 

But above all,  Loop & Tie is a fantastic way of supporting local makers and entrepreneurs, plus diversity and inclusion: 34% of its suppliers are women-owned businesses, and 11% are BIPOC-owned (black, Indigenous, and people of color). Moreover, the gift recipient can donate its cost to a charity or pick an environmental cause to support. And when it comes to shipments, Loop and Tie supports soil regeneration and thriving regenerative agriculture ecosystems.

Model No

Model No. has an extraordinary mission -the Planet-First Ethos: to make homes healthy for people and the planet. Their primary focus is on furniture: they produce locally in California; all their pieces are manufactured on demand using 3D printing with biodegradable plant-based polymers and FSC-certified hardwoods. They don't have warehouse inventory and only ship domestically.

Crafted of durable plant-based resin and sustainably sourced hardwood, the Galena Bin is at once elegant and built to last. Available on Model No. $41.00

Galena Bin (durable plant-based resin and sustainably sourced hardwood). Model No. $41.00 

The Model No. team envisions a world with compostable furniture that can also be repurposed to extend its product life and every detail fitting in a holistic perspective. So if you need to buy some piece of furniture or any home decor item, take a walk around: you will be mesmerized by their beauty and style!

Made Trade

Like Neutrall, Made Trade is a family-run and woman-owned company.  Cayley Pater and Andy Ives founded it in 2018 with the challenge of creating a space to promote ethically-made shopping.  

Made Trade supports products made by artisan cooperatives or certified/verified by a fair trade organization, ensuring the makers and artisans are paid a living wage and work under safe and healthy conditions. The platform also gives space to Handcrafted goods, a way of ensuring traditional art forms and techniques are conserved. 

Sustainable Gifts: Upcycled Glass Cup Set. Available on Made Trade, $48.00

Upcycled Glass Cups (Set of 4) made from Topo Chico bottles. Made Trade, $48.00

You will notice Made Trade underlines those American ethically-made brands that source materials locally and prioritize sustainable growth and eco-friendly practices.  If you are vegan, here you will also find products that contain zero animal products or byproducts. 

Since Made Trade celebrates diversity and highlights underrepresented communities, you will find brands and businesses or non-profit where 51% or more of the company that makes the product is owned or run by Women, Black, Indigenous, or persons of Color. 

And last but not least, Made Trade is earth-friendly and supports sustainable materials that create a minimal environmental impact and recycled and upcycled products. You have a Holiday Section with a variety of Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for all ages.

Change the World by How you Shop

If you want to give back, be sure to visit Change the World by How you Shop. All the products - from Home Decor to clothes, accessories, and toys - are made by ethical brands that are changing people's lives worldwide.  We highly recommend their Ethical & Fair Trade Shopping Guide, with dozens of resources and tips to change our habits and start shopping more consciously.

Embroidered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments! Snowflakes are handmade by artisans in Peru, South America. $14.99

Embroidered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments, handmade by artisans in Peru, South America. Change the Way By How You Shop, $14.99 

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Please, note that Neutrall glassware is one of the gifts to be found or recommended on all these platforms. By gifting carbon-neutral, durable glassware, you minimize your carbon footprint, support upcycling and keep waste bottles out of landfills! Great deal, isn't it?

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