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Meet Beanstalk 16oz Glass Cups!

Meet Beanstalk 16oz Glass Cups!

We have recently expanded our product portfolio, featuring 16oz glass cups. If you are trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, you will love them. 

Reading product descriptions can be dull so to make it fun, we have recreated (or upcycled) some classy quotes about wine bottles, the “raw” material used to produce our Beanstalk glasses. 

Every Beanstalk glass cup has a story

As the saying goes: “Every empty bottle is filled with a great story.” For us, every bottle story can have a second chance. Our glass cups aim to lower the massive pile of landfilled glass bottles that could fill up a skyscraper every month. So before they hit the road towards their final burial, we collect them and transform them into something functional and beautiful. It’s a noble task that creates jobs in our communities. Moreover, it prevents natural resources -sand, limestone- from being depleted. After all, why bury something that still has so much to give?. 


Our 16oz glass cups aim to lower the massive pile of landfilled glass bottles that could fill up a skyscraper every month.

Upcycled glass cups aim to lower the massive pile of landfilled glass bottles, reducing carbon emissions.

Large glass, generous pours

Crafted out of ‌bottles collected in the surroundings of Montgomery, Austin, each 16oz cup holds 473 mL of liquid, which equals a pint. These highball glasses are like the joker cup that can be used for special occasions -cocktails, beer, special drinks- or everyday use, for water, and soda.

Do you want cool glasses for drinks at parties? Beanstalk can work. Do you hate frugal pours? Beanstalk holds 16 oz, enough to quench your thirst.

They don’t deny their origins

Our Beanstalk 16-ounce glass cups proudly show off the bottom base of the bottle they were crafted from. We deliberately chose not to hide it because we wanted our glasses to keep their original shape as much as possible. Beanstalk glasses are elegant yet humble: they are not trying to pretend something they aren’t. They don’t deny their origins.

Our Beanstalk 16-ounce glass cups proudly show off the original bottom base of the bottle they were crafted from. They don't deny their origins.

How many glasses does the set bring?

Each Beanstalk glass cup set brings four 16oz drinking glasses. If you own a store, we offer convenient wholesale prices. At the end of the day, all we want is to grow our upcycling mission, and people to adopt our glassware. You can also inquire about the wholesale consignation model if you would like to start selling Neutrall drinkware. Email us or contact us, and we will be happy to help.


Glassware in bulk, at your orders

We do sell glassware in bulk to the food and catering sector, and that is one of our best interests. After all, our glass cups’ mother bottles came from restaurants, bars, cafes. We aim to heal the loop so that every glass container can be used, reused, upcycled, and recycled, cutting waste and conserving resources as much as possible. If you are interested in buying glass cups in bulk, contact us and we will send you a product catalog.

Green glassware locally manufactured 

Currently, we are working with an operation in Montgomery, Texas, where Brent, Scarlett, and their team collect the bottles, cut them, and craft the drinking glasses. We plan to work with other “upcyclers” in the US to broaden our product portfolio with new creative and functional products that can be crafted from repurposed stuff and recycled content.

Our 16oz glass cups are entirely sustainable, from the materials used to produce them to the packaging used for shipment.

Glass cups shipped in plastic-free packaging 

We firmly believe that packaging should be zero-waste and therefore, plastic-free. A local designer in Austin, Avalon McKenzie has created a cute recyclable Kraft box to ship our sets of glass cups safely. The drinking glasses are wrapped in cardboard inserts. The box and the inserts are both recyclable and compostable. A plus: the box is lovely, so you will not need to wrap it if you gift our drinkware.

Our vow: tumblers made in America 

This set of glasses and all our glass cups are made in the USA. Our supply chain is 100% American. The manufacturing operation is in Texas, and we’ve partnered with ShipBob, a carbon-neutral fulfillment and shipping service company that invests in environmental projects. 

Carbon-neutral glassware you can be proud of  

Upcycled glassware’s carbon footprint is practically nil, but there might be emissions due to transportation. To mitigate this, we invest in carbon offsets. Therefore, for each set of drinking glasses you purchase, 0.5 dollars will feed our Carbon Offset Fund to promote conservation and reforestation projects. This information will be periodically updated on our website so that our customers know how we are using the money collected.

Sets of drinking glasses for everyday use or to gift 

Consider our Beanstalk 16oz glass cups, either for everyday use or cool drinks, at home, or special event, green restaurant, or responsible cafe. Also -why not?- they make a nice wedding gift or an eco-friendly present for a special someone you care about.

Green cheers to everyone! 

Upcycled glass cups are as functional and beautiful as the regular ones, but their impact on the environment is practically nil.


Support us!

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