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Upcycled Glassware For Wholesale

Are you wondering how to make your restaurant more sustainable?

Glassware is an important piece of any restaurant, hotel, café, or bar equipment. And so are bottles. If you are thinking about how you can improve your business practices, to make them more earth-friendly, glassware is a fact worth considering.

 Swapping to upcycled drinking glasses can make a huge difference. It could mean preventing thousands of bottles from ending up in landfills, while dramatically reducing your business' carbon footprint.

 If you are thinking about how you can improve your business practices, to make them more earth-friendly, consider swapping to upcycled glassware. Neutrall supplies Wholesale Glassware, Sustainable and Affordable, to businesses in the Food and Catering sector.


A new experience that raises awareness

Upcycled glassware stands out and can be elegant and beautiful. It’s the kind of detail that attracts the attention of customers and triggers questions. With the usage of upcycled drinking glasses, you will offer a positive experience to your customers, who will see your venue in a different light. For sure, the glass cups will bring up many conversations and raise awareness on the products we choose to use every day and their impact on our planet.

How Neutrall Upcycled Glassware helps the environment

Our team collects discarded glass bottles in Austin before they hit landfills, and cuts and transforms them into functional, durable, and elegant drinking glasses and bowls.

All our glassware is dishwasher-safe and sustainable, from the materials used to produce the glass cups to the packaging we use to deliver them. We keep our fulfillment and shipping in the United States and ensure a carbon-neutral product. For any remaining emissions due to transportation, we invest in carbon offsets.

Why Upcycled Drinkware In Bars and Restaurants?

To expand our mission, we have launched a new upcycled drinkware collection entirely devoted to businesses in the Food and Catering sectors. With this step, we dream of sustainable glassware becoming more appealing and appreciated by the American people.

With each purchase, not only will your shop or business reduce its carbon footprint, but also promote social good, and jobs. And through our Carbon Offset Fund, you will be supporting environmental projects to plant trees and conserve natural resources in America.


Wholesale Glassware, Sustainable and Affordable

If you are looking for Glassware wholesalers or glass cups for sale near you, we are here to help. We provide a special wholesale price for all orders exceeding 40 units (40 drinking glasses) and free shipping in the US and Canada.

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