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STOUT- 12oz Upcycled Glass Cup - Clear Glass (Food & Catering)

$6.00 $4.00
      For a limited time, our Stout 12oz upcycled glass cups are ON SALE exclusively to Food & Catering, Rental, and Retailer customers. This is a limited-time offer. The glass cups are sold in bulk (unpackaged); This offer is subject to stock availability and does not include free shipping.
    • Green Glassware to cheer the Earth: We bring you these upcycled, elegant, 12-oz drinking glasses made from upcycled glass bottles. Delight your customers with a toast that will have a positive impact on the Earth!
    • Perfect Size for Spirits and Special Occasions: The 12-ounce glasses serve your spirits and favorite drinks and beverages for special occasions, such as parties, events, or regular and daily use.
    • Measurements: Stout 12-oz drinking glasses are 4 inches tall and have a diameter of 3 inches.
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Better Than Recycled Glass: Neutrall upcycled glasses are repurposed from rescued bottles, which means their carbon footprint is practically nil. In comparison, recycled glass drinkware goes through an energy-intensive process: glass is crushed to reshape it into new glassware, which costs the environment more.
    • Elegance in Sustainability: The Neutrall upcycled drinkware retains its authentic design, preserving its original, simple and elegant look while serving a new purpose, making it more sustainable than recycled glassware.
    • Carbon Neutral and Proudly American Made: Based in the USA, our entire supply chain is designed to minimize its carbon footprint. Any remaining production or transportation emissions are mitigated via carbon offsets. We help sustainable glassware become the norm in our economy.